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About the Founder: Joyce S. Lee, FAIA, LEED Fellow, is president of IndigoJLD providing green health, design and planning services on leading edge projects. She has been an Architect Fellow at the National Leadership Academy for Public Health and one of the first LEED accredited professionals in New York City. Joyce served under Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg. She was the Chief Architect at the New York City OMB overseeing the survey of major city-owned buildings and waterfronts with the goals of enhancing long-term planning and identifying green design and development opportunities. She was then the first Active Design Director, with a focus on design excellence, in New York City before relocating with her family to Michigan. Recently, one of her programs enjoyed the support of two Great Lakes state governors in Michigan and Illinois. Joyce sits on the Advisory Council at the Harvard School of Public Health Center for Health and the Global Environment, and is a director for Building Healthy Places at the Penn Urban Health Lab.

The Active Design Guidelines, a publication she co-authored, had won recognition from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as well as the Sustainable Building Industry Council. Joyce is the recipient of numerous awards including the Platinum Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies, the Public Architect award from the American Institute of Architects New York, and the Aga Khan Award from Harvard/MIT. She received her dual master degrees at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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